söndag 4 maj 2008

Training the Disaster Search Dog

av Shirley Hammon

Disaster Search Dog teams save lives

Quick response to natural and man-made disasters can mean the difference between live and dealth for trapped victims. Highly trained Disaster Search Dogs (DSD) teams are an increasingly important component in response efforts to save lives in the face of terrorist attacks, earthquake, and floors - and training these teams has never been more important.

Whether you aspire to have your dog ready to help your community in case of a local disaster or you wish to select and train a dog to become part of a cerified Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) DSD team, this is the first book written that tells you how to do it. Training the Disaster Seach Dog describes the step-by-step training methods that human-dog teams use to locate victims in rubble and is based on the author's 28 years of field experience.

You will learn:
To teach DSD skills using positive training techniques How to build and train with the specialized equipment used in training How to prepare for the FEMA DSD certifications tests What it is like to part of a disaster recovery effort.

Author Shirley Hammond is know world-wide for her expertise in training DSD teams. She has dedicated years of her life to developing and using the training techniques she details in this book. Shirley had been a key member of the FEMA Task Force and has helped develop standards and testing techniques for DSD work both nationally and internationally. Shirly is currently working with her dogs in the field of Historical Human Remains Detection with archeologists and anthropologists to located pre-historical and historical graves.

Boken är på 182 sidor och kostar 205 kr på Bokus.

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